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Two hundred years ago, the average person didn’t know what a single-celled organism was. Today we not only know what single-celled organisms are, but we also know what multi-celled organisms are. We know that our bodies are made up of many living cells.Multi Consciousness Web Copy

Now take that concept and apply it to the phenomenon of awareness. By looking at our awareness as a single cell of consciousness, we can then ask the question: Is it possible to go from a single cell of consciousness to multi-consciousness?

Well, of course. If more than one consciousness is linked together, then yes. The real question is, how many minds and what kind of arrangement will it take to achieve another level of phenomenon—an entity beyond single consciousness?

Just like life comes in many forms, it probably won’t have to follow the exact anatomy of the brain. Awareness is an independent phenomenon. It is beyond the animal that’s hosting it and therefore it’s something that can be recreated. The fact that mind exists is proof that it can be created.

But then how will we recognize the next level beyond individual consciousness? We won’t – any more than a paramecium knows we exist. When multi-consciousness has a thought, we individual neurons will not know when it occurs. We are thinking and doing stuff all the time. We won’t even know if our activity creates, or doesn’t create, a larger collective thought.

But beyond our animal selves, if a computer system can be made to replicate human awareness, what would ten billion of these trans-humanoids be like if they were arranging themselves to link up as a single, well-designed entity?

Chances are that humans would not be significant enough to be any kind of threat to such a being. But what if there was more than one collective brain? I doubt if a multi-multi-consciousness would even notice us any more than we notice our individual neurons.

Will it make a difference if humans have modified themselves by that time? Yes, given enough time, man and machine will blend and then unify as a collective.

Would such unification consume human individuality? Yes, but by then an individual wouldn’t even notice.

I can imagine that one word exchanged between two multi-conscious beings would be as dense as an encyclopedia, and take just as long for us to decipher. How can our children respond to such beings except with admiration?

Will this technology give them the easy life that parents claim to be working so hard to achieve? It will, but the past has shown us that with any gain there is always something lost. Most likely, that loss will be their interest in spirituality. Or they will define spirituality as the virtual settings they spend their time in?

Will these transhumans have a greater understanding of the foundations of the universe—energy, for example? Once the machinery surpasses our research abilities, gives us immortality, and seemingly has answers to all questions, our interest in science and religion will seem like a waste of time.

Now the question has become – Who will resist the warm mind numbing cocoon of multi-consciousness? Who among us will take the red pill?


                Men have become the tools of their tools. —Henry David Thoreau