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Who Are We?

Old Coin
Who Are We

As we travel to and fro in search of knowledge, what would it be like if we could experience and hear all of the world’s conversations at once?

I mean if we could blend them, we would hear a diversity that would inspire a sense of awe – at least for a while.  Think about that for a moment…  That awareness would have quite an effect on our conversations. Even this writing would take on a sense of omniscience.

Also, if we were that omniscient, we would probably not talk about our excuses and blame others for much of anything. For the world at large, such common complaints would blend into a roaring plea for survival. Yet for ourselves, it would be so easy to see through and compare all the opinions and stories that we make up to justify our own impulses.

If we could truly understand that everything we say was part of a larger whole, then wouldn’t we find it easier to give up selfishness and prejudice? Our conversations would probably be about what we want and not just what we complain about. I mean, they would be more inventive – in the ‘now’, so to speak.


When asked to define ourselves, we often describe physical things that we do, or even likes and dislikes—“this is what I do and don’t do,” and so on. And that’s fine, but as far as a true identity, it’s not quite enough.

There is something disempowering about describing oneself as a laborer or an executive, or as being from a certain place. I believe that our reality is so much more.

To understand this, I want you to consider the importance of language in manifesting the reality that we have. Does it not affect everything that we experience?

After all, our words do have a tremendous effect on our perceptions. At the very least, that concept, “our words make our reality”, is an enlightened way of viewing the world.

I suspect that an enlightened existence is actually something that occurs when you take responsibility for what you say, and when you choose who you get to be inside of that.

For example; If you are going to participate in spreading the news of what you believe is the opposite of Christ and ultimately the opposite of choice, then you would want to take responsibility for who you are being in order to be effective.

And choosing who you are being is something that most of us don’t even have any idea on how to do. I mean, seriously, who are we?


But let’s step back and take a journey for a moment and imagine the earth outside of our immediate being. After reading this paragraph, close your eyes and imagine how the land is laid out beyond you — see it in your mind’s eye —the trees, the people, the cars and buildings and continue moving your vision beyond the curvature of the earth. Continue to imagine drifting out from the earth, outward until the moon comes up behind you and passes by. Continue drifting outward until the other planets and asteroids go by. Continue drifting outward until the stars with other solar systems begin getting smaller and smaller. Continue until the galaxy comes into view. Continue outward until galaxies are passing by and become like little white dots. Continue outward until the known universe is just a ball.

And then imagine yourself turning around and looking at the black emptiness of the unknown beyond our universe.

Without language, the awareness of a larger universe and beyond would not be possible. Sure, there are memories involved in the words learned to describe the universe, but that kind of awareness was created through language.

We didn’t actually travel through the universe. Our words allow us to recognize things on a whole other level (hence the phenomenon of conception). And in a similar manner, language gives us a future that we can choose.

What I’m trying to say is that animals may use tools, but they don’t carry those tools for future use, because they don’t have a concept of the future—because they don’t have the amount of language needed to acquire one. (Certain animals may use shells for shelter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are thinking of the future. They are simply feeling the security of a shell and not necessarily thinking of the future.)


You, on the other hand, can create a future of untold spiritual wealth through revolutionizing your global awareness. We may never achieve the full promise of our humanity, but that is no excuse not to try.

We can understand our relationship with the environment, our community, and the world enough to grow well beyond the animal within. We can discover new realities without it being an effort, but rather a choice.

There are conversations waiting to happen that will not only inspire children to take pride in their ancestry, but also in their own humanity; before some machine does it for them.