Future Predictions

I had a supervisor who once told me that it would be “so cool” to go back in time with a machine gun. He was talking about the Civil War and hinted at what it might be like if the War had had a different outcome. My immediate thought was, ‘Why the Civil War?’ Then I thought, “If we had the technology to go back in time, then surely we’d be able to go back with a lot more than just a machine gun.”

If we were at such an advanced stage in technology, that time travel was possible, we’d probably have the technology to do a lot more than just take a machine gun.

We could genetically alter the time traveler’s body so that it would never age. We could make him immortal. Never mind the scientific details of that, but for the sake of discussion, let’s go beyond eternal rejuvenation and alter the body genetically so that it has diamond fibered muscles, titanium-fibered bones, gold-fibered neurons, and looks like a comic-book superhero.

Now imagine what it would be like to have such a well-designed person appearing two thousand years ago. With a brightly colored uniform, a red cape, and a commanding presence, such a person could rule as a god.

But let’s not take him back alone. Let’s take him back with a thousand other people, not immortal necessarily, but genetically altered as well. Yet before going back, let’s lay out plans for a civilization far more advanced than anything we’ve seen so far. After all, preparation is everything.

With twenty-five years of preparation, we could raise children specifically for this mission. Not just any children however, and not just genetically altered children, but children educated with a technology that monitors what parts of the brain are being stimulated. Design their lessons to ensure the absolute development of their neurology. The parts of the brain that are used are the parts that grow, so their schooling would be designed to stimulate all sections of the brain, maximize its potential, and fully develop athletic prowess as well.

As a result, their common sense awareness, and mental capacity would be far greater than anything we possess. During such processing, their training would be specifically to jump-start an advanced civilization.

Now, imagine them going back to North America two thousand years ago.

Out of the twenty thousand mortals raised specifically for this mission, the cream of the crop would be chosen: a thousand people, five hundred men and five hundred women, all carrying not just advanced weaponry and equipment, but genetically altered crops and hybridized livestock – advanced materials, the best training, and detailed instructions on what to do. Not only would they have maps showing where oil and minerals were, such as iron, coal, gold, and industrial-grade diamonds, but also they’d have maps showing specifically where the veins of these minerals were. As a result, there’d be no guesswork in the mining or drilling of these resources.

Upon arrival, everyone would break off into groups specifically targeting the resources needed. Everyone would do what they’d spent their twenty-five to twenty-eight years of training to do. The goal would be correct the mistakes of the past: no global warming, nuclear war, or poverty. The goal would be to dominate the world through an advanced and unified civilization.

Within a short period of time, (relatively speaking) this civilization would be producing, cement, copper, high-quality steel, etc…Every settlement could have its own modified version of the Eiffel Tower, which would also serve as a water tank for their running water. Perched on steel platforms, guardsmen with rifled barrels and truncated bullets would provide security from high above.

Beyond that, imagine how advanced the city planning would be. All roads would be planned with seventy-mile-per-hour traffic in mind. There’d be no sharp turns for teenagers to crash upon. The garbage and sewage disposal would be made with global warming in mind. Recycling would be prominent and nothing would go to waste, and so on. Their civilization would be so advanced that it would be unstoppable.

As time progressed, they’d realize that their leader wasn’t dying and that he was a living, tangible god. His rule would be absolute. He could tell them to recycle and they would. He could tell them almost anything and they would obey.

And if every fifty years he opened a time capsule with detailed instructions and future predictions for the next fifty years, his guidance would go without question. Being able to predict droughts, floods, and earthquakes, then reroute food and water to areas in need, his rule would be supreme.

(At this point one can imagine all sorts of calamities preventing perfection, but let’s continue as if all goes according to plan. The point that I’m making is to describe what would happen, theoretically, if all problems were solved.)

One day, when this novel civilization was ready, they would travel to Europe and arrive before any European had a chance to discover America. They would greet the Europeans with nuclear-powered battleships, aircraft carriers, and Blackhawk helicopters. These genetically altered people would stride into the halls of medieval palaces dressed in pinstriped power suits and stand as if they’d been sculpted by Michelangelo. As they stood before the existing royalty, the entire court would gaze upon them and be amazed and intimidated by what were obviously an advanced people.

The message they delivered to Europe would be simple: “Abide by our rules, or be exterminated.” As part of the New Americans’ highly developed goal, the Europeans would not be allowed to continue on the chaotic path of their medieval ways.

Those who obeyed would be rewarded with advances in design and standards of living. Those who resisted would be met with GPS-guided artillery, then aerial bombardments of napalm.

The survivors would run, spreading the news, “There be dragons a-comin’!”

All remaining civilizations would adhere to strict rules of advance planning and development, such as solar-panel rooftops, windmills, recycling centers, underground rail systems, Planned Parenthood, and mandatory education, not to mention fingernail clippers, toothbrushes, and shampoo.

All would operate without the mistakes of the past. There would be one well-designed phonetic language, one system of standardized measurements, and no regional hoarding—not to mention one religion.

There would be no need for war, nuclear weapons, or resentment of neighbors. After two hundred years the conquest of the planet would be complete, all problems solved, and Earth would be unified through the leadership of a tangible walking God that people could actually see and hear.

Now the big question:

What was it all for?

Think about that for a minute. Why would you do that, and what could you do for an encore? What would a tangible walking God do after conquering the world and solving all its problems? Now what?

Well, you know exactly what to do and you know exactly why.

The purpose of such conquest is to expand technology and the unification of man and machine to an extreme.

(Bear with me again.)

The purpose of such conquest would be to expand into the cosmos until the black hole at the center of the galaxy is surrounded and imploded with ultra-high intensity laser beams. The thermonuclear implosion would be used for a matter-manufacturing event (creatio ex nihilo). And this would be done, because in order to find true immortality one must grow indefinitely. And what better way to grow than to conquer matter itself.

After fifteen billion years, the universe would be succumbing to atomic decay, but there’d be one bright pulsating center of living light—a light kept alive by the efforts of a collection of massive multi-conscious beings (the last descendants of New America).

After billions of years, imagine how vast their technology would be. Complex and supermassive machinery would be layered around the nucleus of the galaxy—not only keeping it alive, but also expanding on matter itself. Through its immense density, the black hole’s weight would be used to compress space and time in such a way that a complex astronomical process would create new matter.

At first it would seem a painstaking process. Building galactic structures from the new matter would take more time than a mortal can imagine.

(Unless you were to view this happening from a larger level and look down at these new galactic structures as if they were subatomic particles; than it would seem really fast. Looking at it from that small a scale, their expansion would seem like a big bang.)

After an eternity of development, the megalithic consciousness that humans become, unified through technology, would reign as the very energy, omniscient in its composition, in its occupation, and in its creation of an actuality that manifests the making of another universe.

In other words, trans-human intelligence would reign as a god in a universe of its own creation.

It would become the very energy of the newly created universe, and everything would be experienced as one.

In other words, without a transcending God, the goal would naturally be to become one.

Now for an even bigger question, ladies and gentlemen: Where do you think we are going with the development of technology?

The common answer is – that we’re going to cure some diseases, invent some things, and generally make life better for our children.

And then what?

  • Do you believe that at some point we’ll simply stop and agree that we’ve achieved enough? Do you believe that at some point we’ll reach a limit to what we can discover—and we’ll never make another discovery ever, ever again?
  • Or maybe everyone will be wiped out by some catastrophe, so it isn’t necessary to think about the end result of taking things to an extreme.
  • Or better yet, we’re not going to live long enough to see the extremes of technology, therefore we don’t have to think about it. We’ll let the next generation deal with it.

Through our machinery, connectivity, and advances in technology, we are trying to become God, or at the very least, create a tangible replacement for such.

What heaven do we ultimately have in mind as we continue on the road of so-called progress? Do we have a plan, or is there even a choice here?

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